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EC Comics double feature with Jack Davis

You know, I was all set to finally continue the FLASH FRIDAY series with FLASH 127 when I went to the birthday list and saw that Jack Davis was born on December the 2nd. So - once again - I had to scrap my plans and do this somewhat impromptu homage to one of my favorite horror artists.

Of course I did not forsake my plans right away. I was perfectly happy to just mention Jack Davis in the birthday section since I was all geared up for the Flash / Arrow / Legends of Tomorrow / Supergirl crossover so a FLASH FRIDAY post with Paul Ryan´s next issue was right up my alley.

I had downloaded all of the crossover episodes, I had stocked up on the three important food groups to survive binge watching this epic event : potato chips, pop corn and ice cream, I only had to watch one episode of Arrow to get up to speed and start having fun. I had already watched the latest episode of Supergirl where Barry and Cisco Ramon cross over to Kara´s universe so I was all hyped up. The only thing left to do was start the FLASH FRIDAY post. But like always with the best plans of mice and men when I went through my EC Comics folder I found that I had the complete original art for a story by Jack Davis. So I thought : why not go and see if I can find those in color ? Well, I did and this being a seven page story I had now fourteen pages which is a bit too long to add it to a FLASH FRIDAY post. Then I found five more original pages from a Jack Davis story and the color pages for that too. Which settled it. For a quick moment I thought about doing both posts Today but as experience has taught us that would have meant working on those posts for the next few days.

So here are The Black Ferris, written by Ray Bradbury from The Haunt Of Fear 18 and Coffin Spell from The Vault Of Horror 38. I don´t know where I found the original art for the first story but the art from the second story comes from Heritage Auctions which means that the lot is still up for auction. As for the color pages you can find The Black Ferris - as well as a guide to Ray Bradbury EC Comics stories - on MARS WILL SEND NO MORE

So the blog statistics say that this is my 790th post which means post 800 is just ten posts away. I have been going over a lot of older posts and it´s fascinating how the posts have evolved over the years. As somebody who often gets so immersed in his work that he can loose sight of things I have to ask my readers what they think about where this blog is going ? Do you like that the post frequency has increased or do you want to go back to the posts where I talk more about things ? How about the babe factor ? Is it still okay with all the massitas I mention and the cult siren posts - which admittedly often go to the limit of what would be considered to be safe for work - or should I dial it down a notch ? And for my newer readers : how do you feel about the difference between old posts and new posts ? If you DO read them old posts at all. Okay, I´m totally stealing somebody else´s catchphrase here but please let me know in the comments below.

Speaking of posts, don´t expect a new post before Monday since I will be busy cleaning up the laptop again as a lot of junk has accumulated with the research for all the latest posts. And if I want to do any posts on the future I have to get rid of all the unnecessary clutter. So let´s head right to Today´s celebrity birthday section as Daniela Ruah turns 33. The exotic actress with jewish, ukrainian, russian and portugese roots who started out in portugese telenovelas is best known as Special Agent Kensi Blye on NCIS Los Angeles where she is the only interesting character after Deeks.

Speaking of interesting characters, former teen pop sensation Britney Spears celebrates her 35th birthday and she provided plenty of material for the tabloids. Thankfully she has left her scandals behind her ( at least I hope she has since I´m not really following the yellow press ) but I don´t think she will ever reclaim the cult status she once had. Do you remember when she shot a whole generation of little kids into puberty prematurely through her performance of Hit Me Baby One More Time at the 1999 Kid´s Choice Awards with her hard nipples visible through a thin white top ?

Or when she made all men crazy with her stripper skills at the 2000 Video Music Awards, a performance that was only topped the next year with her hyper sexed up I´m A Slave For You belly dance. That song alone provided generations of guys with wank material no matter if it was through the video or her live performances like during the concert in Las Vegas in 2002.

I remember buying the DVD and being astonished that the FSK rated it as 6 years and up but I definitely got my money´s worth with the up part !   

We are staying with princesses ( of pop and other things ) and though there are some similarities between Britney Spears and german singer / actress Yvonne Catterfeld - who turns 37 - I bet she is happy that she did not have such big scandals in her life. Yvonne started her career through a singing competition and gained fame through the daily soap Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten ( Good Times Bad Times ) which is Germany´s best known soap and also it´s worst. With numerous awards under her belt and over 800,000 sold records she is one of the best - selling german music artists of all time and she has been a coach on The Voice Of Germany. Yvonne also did some voice acting and as an accomplished actress has appeared in numerous international films like Beauty And The Beast from 2014 which not only got rave reviews but also has some nude scenes with Yvonne.

If you have read my latest posts you know why I´m not doing a post in honor of Frank Cho´s 45 birthday Today. After all the crap he had to take from other publishers - especially beause the women he draws are too sexy whatever that may be - you might expect that when he finally gets the chance to cut loose without any limits he tries to kick it in the back and do a series to give catholic priests a reason to turn straight, the big comic publishers a panic attack that they ever let him go and the most hardcore otakus severe nosebleeds. Instead his new series Skybourne makes his issues for The Totally Awesome Hulk look like opera and his issues with the Red Hulk and the Women Liberators like hardcore porn in comparison. I bought the first two issues because I wanted to support him but if he sets himself up to failure because he ignores his strengths I can not help him. The comic industry has enough creators on ego trips as it is.

I don´t like to be so negative which is the reason why I almost did pass Lucy Liu who turns 48. Don´t get me wrong, she´s a great actress and the only reason why she is not in any of my casting calls for the Justice League of America movie is that I did not want to go with the obvious choice.

Because ever time those Hollywood guys have to cast an asian woman the first name they come up with is Lucy Liu. And while that has worked out in Kill Bill, Ballistic : Ecks vs Sever and Kung Fu Panda it also produced such career killers like Charlie´s Angels produced by the Wicked Witch Of The West and Elementary. You know, the BAD new tv show about Sherlock Holmes. Now because of the german tv schedule I´ve watched a few more episodes of the show and I have to say it´s not that bad IF you can ignore that it has nothing to do with Sherlock Holmes besides the names of the characters, the fact that the main character´s hair always looks like a baby bird that has fallen out of his nest and that he is not half as intelligent as you assume somebody taking up the mantle of Sherlock Holmes to be. Like I said, it is an enjoyable show once you can muster an immense amount of suspension of disbelief so I went looking for some animated GIFs of Lucy Liu from that show but in the end I could not really find a good one and opted for a picture instead. Nevertheless if you are looking for something along those lines you can find over 270 GIFs from that show on ASTRID HELPS but be sure to pack a lunch because the page takes a while to load.

Finally we have a video ! Okay, actually two. Most of the time I put things on the posts that interest me and let the readers be hanged but Today I´m also trying to make up for not having done a post on Halloween. We have two playmates next which means that I can´t put their videos on the blog - because nudity - and since I couldn´t find a video of Daniela Ruah on The Late Late Show here is one with Lucy Liu in an orange dress.

I know that I could only watch the show through the internet but now that it´s gone it makes me sad. I´m posting two videos but I count them as one. There is one that only has Lucy Liu´s part - because I know that´s all some people might want to see - and for the rest here is the full show.

Speaking of playmates, you might have noticed that I don´t mention all playmate birthdays. I only write about the ones I remember which are mostly from the 80s to 2000 - which is the time frame when I was a semi regular reader and Renee Tenison is among the more memorable ones.

Not only because the Playmate Of The Month in November 1989 who celebrates her 48th birthday became the first Playmate Of The Year of afro - american descend in 1990 but also because the 36D sexbomb has one of the best bodies to ever grace the pages of that magazine. Sadly I can´t post her best pictures but I did find a good one with her twin sister Rosie, who for some reason was still working in a normal job when Renee already had become Playmate of the Year. Thankfully she realized one day that she looks exactly like her sister and tried her hand at modeling posing together for PLAYBOY and appearing in some of their Sexy Sisters videos.

Another quintessential 80s playmate is Sharry Konopski who turns 49. She was chosen as Playmate Of The Month in August 1987 and is known for her exceptional beauty and possibly the best breasts in all of PLAYBOY history. She also is into a lot of stuff I like, pizza and hot rods, and from what I could read online she is a straightforward real person who calls it like it is.

Sadly she was injured in a car accident in 1995 which left her permanently paraplegic ( paralyzed from the waist down ).  From her website: " I wrecked my car and had to be airlifted to Emanuel Hospital in Portland, OR. For six weeks, I had a sucking chest wound and my right lung collapsed and the t - 9 and t - 11 vertebrate had burst fractures in my spine with massive bruising to my spinal cord leaving me paralyzed from the waist down. I am not able to keep the muscles tight enough to stand or walk but I do have sensory. So, I can feel for the most part, thank God ! "

This did not stop her from posing for PLAYBOY again in March 1997 though and she still looked amazing. Sharry continues to model, and appears in videos geared towards " devotees " of paraplegics and amputees.

Our last birthday salute goes to the best known opera diva of all time, the divine Maria Callas. Which I normally would not mention since I am not that well versed on the subject but I found a video of Monica Naranjo on Tu Cara Me Suena ( in spanish you say your face sounds familiar not looks familiar - I know, it does not really make sense but which language does ? ) where she pays homage to one of her biggest idols. I haven´t posted a video of Monica Naranjo yet because I am still hoping against hope I can find her live performance of Desatame from the gala show A Galicia Gente Va where her breasts almost spilled out of a red wonderbra. I have it on some of my old videocassettes but so far I could not find it on YouTube.

As this post would have fit perfectly on Halloween I have not put that many videos with the birthdays so I can add a few I would have put in a Halloween post beginning with Comicbookgirl19´s Halloween Special 4 ( if you haven´t seen the first three Halloween specials go back and watch them most importantly the one about House II ! ) about The Exorcist III and Death Becomes Her. The last one had the best special effects of its time and I have to say in the video Comicbookgirl19 does have some very effective special effects herself which distracted me quite a few times.

What can I say ? I´m a guy and I notice these things. The reason why I chose this video - beside the one for which I have to apologize - is that Death Becomes Her is like one of the classic EC comic stories. And if you want to watch another movie that has stepped right out of the pages of one of the old EC horror mags I recommend The Grave ( german title Die Gruft in den Sümpfen ) from 1996. Two convicts hear the story of a rich guy who took all his loot with him and decide to break out and plunder his crypt. But one of the cons gets shot during the escape and the other has to throw in with a not so bright former acquaintance and his scheming wife. Nobody can trust the other in this trio infernale and the movie is full of unexpected twists and morbid humor as well as a brilliant bluegrass soundtrack. The right movie for afficionados of hard boiled horror flicks.

I also wanted to include a video with Jack Davis´ art and this has the best quality. Plus it is an audio drama so you can concentrate on the pictures.

This documentary about EC Comics is actually a re - post but because I´m not sure if the video I posted is still on the post and Jack Davis is in it - here it is again. The quality of the picture is not that great but you can find shorter excerpts from this in much better quality on YouTube.

Last but not least I wanted to post an episode of Tales From The Crypt since I was sure they adapted The Black Ferris. Well, they didn´t. BUT there is an episode of The Ray Bradbury Theater - which I had no idea existed. And one last thing about Ray Bradbury ( I know, I am talking too much ) if you want to get The Black Ferris by Jack Davis for your comic collection and you can´t find the Gladstone reprints and the hardcover collections are too expensive it was also reprinted in issue 2 of Topps Comics´ Ray Bradbury Comics which you should find easily in dollar bins.

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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Thorsday with Jack Kirby : Thor 173 part 1

When I wrote in my last Jack Kirby THORSDAY post that I was going to continue with THOR 173 I thought I could get all the pages into one post. And while my cry for help to find more original art pages from that issue have been widely ignored by the internet I found all the colored pages.

Now with the added pages - and the pages I already posted in this post and which I´m including to have them all together - it is a total count of 48 pages and that´s just too much for a single post. Also that way I do not have to think about what I am going to post in next week´s THORSDAY post. Unless something else comes up but that goes without saying. So like in previous posts I´m including the german black and white pages, the original art pages in english and the color pages of which I could only find the splash page in a german version. I hope you enjoy this and please contact me if you know where I can find pages in additional languages.

Time to end the first part as Thor is ready to entertain the crowd. With a bit of luck we can continue this next week. With just a few links that we will cover in the fun block let´s head straight to the celebrity birthdays and comedian Sarah Silverman who turns 46. Initially I was going to post a different video with her - that I had already bookmarked - when I came across some animated GIFs from this year´s Oscars. I had totally forgotten how Sarah had squeezed her big 36C boobs almost up to her chin. Talk about when push comes to shove. That´s squeeze as squeeze can.

Usually I only post one video per candidate but I could not find a video that contained Sarah´s full controversial speech so I´m posting two.

For a country that had to make it´s own Bond knock off movies with Austin Powers to get over the fact that the greatest spy in the world is NOT american ( and let´s face it american´s are the only ones who find these movies funny ) they took Sarah´s stabs at the spy who allegedly loved her very badly. But I think that is a problem with women in comedy in general : too much of their comedy routines have to do with what I would diplomatically describe as pillow talk, the performance of previous male acquaintances in that area or generally bashing men. Maybe I´m generalizing here but there is always the looming threat of being seen as anti female if you do not find a female comedian funny. If you are not laughing then you are a sexist. Like with the new Ghostbusters movie.

The problem was not an all female cast - Andy Sidaris always had leading ladies and he made the best adult action movies - the movie was just bad.

But back to Sarah Silverman, hot women and comedy : I have no illusions that I am a sexist. One thing I like about Sarah Silverman is of course her big chest. As a being that is genetically engineered to get sexually aroused by breasts which only increases with the size of the bosom in question for reasons of the survival of my species I can´t even feel guilty about it. That doesn´t mean that there can´t be women who are sexy AND funny like Tina Fey, Ana Morgade, Anna Simon, Berta Collado or Ivonne Reyes prove.

And there are times when they are not funny. Now I did not find Sarah´s skit particularly funny or in good taste but it certainly didn´t deserve the negative response it got with people going so far as stopping watching the Oscar show. We are after all talking about a fictional character here.

Since we are on the subject of controversial persons, ex Marvel head honcho Joe Quesada celebrates his 54 birthday and since I am almost completely out of reading Marvel comics ( or better NEW Disney comics since I will still buy Bronze Age Marvel comics ) after finishing the last trade of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee´s Daredevil run The Autobiography Of Matt Murdock I don´t follow the Marvel news as closely as I used to do.

Because it´s just too depressing. Anything Disney puts out now seems like a lackluster rehashing of stories that we have already seen from better writers and better artists. I just ordered three Silver Surfer paperbacks and once Mike Allred finishes his stint on that book I am done with new Disney comic books. I might complete Hawkeye but there is nothing else that is even remotely interesting now. Coming back to Joe Quesada I first became aware of him when he was doing Ninjak at Valiant and later his own thing with Ash. I always liked his art style and he still seems to be genuinely excited about comics so I can´t be mad about him as a person. 

As a creator and especially as an editor he had some strange ideas like that Peter Parker must not be allowed to age beyond the starting point of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and he must remain youthful and unmarried to appeal to young readers. Which is the biggest load of crap I have heard.

What made Spider - Man so interesting was the fact that Peter Parker GOT older, found a job and married. He grew as a character over time. Other heroes in comics didn´t get to do that. And anybody who thinks life gets less interesting and complicated when you are married with children is still single. Also the whole argument backfires as it doesn´t really help readers who are married with kids relate to a carefree, single guy hitting single bars to pick up women and still looking for a job. In any case if you want to read something really great by Joe Quesada check out Guardian Devil by Kevin Smith - where Joe provides the art - or Mask In The Iron Man with art by Sean Chen. The last one is like a class of Comics 101 because Joe opens every issue with the exact same words but by juxtaposition with different pictures he achieves to fit it into a new context each time.

It´s back to small screen entertainment as Charlene Tilton turns 58 who is best known for playing J.R.´s sexual overactive niece. Lucy Ewing may be one of the reasons why it´s called " the boob tube " as the short sexpot with the 35D bust size strut her stuff to the delight of male audiences.

She starts out as an underage nymphomaniac jailbait who sleeps her way through the hired help - a role Charlene Tilton was born to play thanks to her short height and unproportionally large breasts - but becomes a much more balanced character throughout the series. Intellectually you wonder why the guys that work at the Southfork Ranch jeopardize their jobs by giving it to the boss´ grandniece but once you get a gander at Charlene´s spectacular physique you can´t deny her solid arguments. You can find out more about the original series on DALLAS REVIEWED and for more cult show madness SUPERSOAPS has 20 Urban Legends Of The 80´s Supersoaps.

Woody Allen celebrates his 81st birthday and I have not seen most of his latest movies like Hollywood Ending where he starred opposite Tiffani Amber Theissen. Tiffani also starred alongside Aaron Spelling´s daughter in one of the tv shows he created and the reason why I´m mentioning that is that he also produced Dynasty which was the competition to Dallas.

Tiffani Amber Theissen is well known since this fastlaning sexbomb - who has the best natural breasts in Hollywood according to Howard Stern - has been scorching the tv screen for quite some time with her curvaceous hardbody and her big 37DD Beverly Hills to the delight of males worldwide.

I never was a big fan of the Beverly Hills, 90210 show but that quickly changed when I saw wet Tiffani Thiessen´s booming breasts in a bikini - which was a product of mother nature - and Tori Spelling´s growing boobs - which were a gift of Daddy and the best plastic surgery could buy. There was a special episode that got my attention in which Tori Spelling was dancing in a leather hooker outfit while shooting a rock music video.

If you can call her wild fertility inducing movements dancing. She really was just shaking her big boobs in the general direction of the camera. But that she did very effectively. I never was a big Tori Spelling fan but in that scene she really squeezed her breast into a tight leather top and just pushed them straight in your face. Now that´s what I call entertainment.

Those directors got it made, they just go " Okay guys, in the next four episodes Tiffani dresses up as a prostitute. And she has to do at least one striptease and two nude sex scenes in each episode. Which is really necessary for her character. Oh yeah, and send her to my trailer for .... extreme rehearsal. We have to go over the scene ... orally. " Those horny perverts are to thank for that Tiffani was so often in bikinis on that show.

Speaking about hookers, besides appearing on Beverly Hills 90210 Tiffani also was on Saved by the Bell with Elizabeth Berkley who revealed her real stripper nature in Showgirls. The movie was called a flop when it first come out but in the meantime it has become a cult classic mainly based on Elizabeth´s stripper moves which left me no other chance than cast her as one of my alternate choices for the Nympho Supergirl from Earth XXX in my second alternatives post for casting the Justice League movie .

But double jointed Elizabeth not only licks the chrome off your steelhard pole she has the all important " pumping pelvic thrust " move down to pat. I bet that comes in handy with that portable casting couch she allegedly has and I would not mind being at the receiving end of that a few hours.

One last thing about Tiffani Amber Thiessen : I do not know if I have already posted this in any of my previous posts but GUYSPEED has 27 GIFs of Tiffani Amber Thiessen and you can find 37 GIFs of her at COED com. Just be sure to check out the first link first because it has all GIFs on one page while you have to click through them one by one in the second link. 

We return to comedians as the first candidate in our Dearly Departed section is Richard Pryor, one of the most important and influential stand up comedians of all time. Of all the things that have been said about him like seminal comedian of the last fifty years David Chapelle describes it the best : " You know those, like, evolution charts of man ? He was the dude walking upright. Richard was the highest evolution of comedy. "

After I found the picture above I had to find out who the hot blonde was and after a bit of research I found out that her name is Teresa Ganzel and that she co starred with Richard Pryor in the movie The Toy from 1982.

Bursting with bosomness and a sly, kittenish sense of humor she often played ditzy, busty blonde bimbos and became famous as a recurring cast member of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, having replaced the late Carol Wayne as the Matinee Lady in the popular Tea Time Movie skits. You might remember that I mentioned Carol Wayne in Mike Zeck´s birthday post and if you missed that you absolutely HAVE to google Carol Wayne.

The blonde bombshell with the mega inflated body of a living blow up sex doll predestined for the adult industry ( her exact body measures are not known but it is assumed that they were around 39DD - 24 - 35 ) made dreams come true when she did a nude PLAYBOY pictorial in February 1984.

With a curvaceous body that must have been the envy of most porn stars of that time she had many fans who followed her guest appearances on such television shows like I Spy, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. , The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. or The Fall Guy. She had roles in the movies Gunn, The Party and Heartbreakers in which she had a nude scene. Carol appeared in many sketches on The Red Skelton Show but she gained her greatest fame for her 100 plus appearances as the Matinee Lady between 1971 and 1984. In Love American Style she played a secretary that constantly distracts her boss with her big gazongas . She would´ve made one hell of a Power Girl !

So both Carol Wayne and Teresa Ganzel got famous through appearances on Johnny Carson and I did find a clip with Richard Prior from the show where he is promoting Superman III ( which was called Superman III - The Steel Lightning for some reason ). This is a comic blog after all and it was not the worst Superman movie. Speaking of Superman movies I´m not sure which I would rate lower, Superman IV - The Quest For Peace ( which at least has a real Superman with Christopher Reeve ) or Man Of Steel.

Our final birthday salute also has something to do with comics as it goes out to french artist Morris who created one of the most famous cowboys in pop culture. I read most of this poor, lonesome cowboy´s adventures through the library and I have to say that I like his later art style much better than his early stuff. There are of course a lot of great albums so it´s hard to pick personal favorites but I was always fond of the ones most would consider classics like Calamity Jane, The Bounty Hunter, The Tenderfoot, anything with the Daltons but most of all The Stagecoach.

As the only interview with Morris I could find was in french and I do not consider the tv series with Terence Hill a good adaption I almost posted an animated Lucky Luke movie ( of which I have not seen any so I don´t know which one is the best - or if there even is a best one among the entire bunch ) when I remembered this video from Das Phantastische Project.

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