Friday, June 07, 2013

Rebuilding the future

I know, I didn´t want to do a post Today and use my free day to get the sleep I´m sorely lacking because of my new laptop. So imagine my surprise when I ended up 1000 years in the future instead of all things. Yes, I´m talking about the Legion of Super - Heroes again.

I know that I said my next post would be about NEMI but like always other things happened. I´m wise enough to listen when fate talks and to go with the flow.

So Today I was reading my e - mails and I was going through my mails, checking the comments to this blog which are for the most part spam. Now while doing that I landed on one of my old Legion posts namely the one about the cartoon show where I had included some links to watch the episodes. But because blogger has changed its layout twice since I did that post and because none of the links were working. And it´s one of the posts on the BEST POSTS links at the end of each post.

Therefore I decided to put up some new links and I even embedded some videos from YouTube for those I couldn´t find again. So if you haven´t seen the show definitely go there and watch some episodes since it´s really great. I´m not sure if I have seen all the episodes and I guess after I have finished this post I´ll watch a few episodes while eating pizza. Here´s the link to my Legion post : THE LEGION OF SUPER - HEROES


Yesterday I posted a picture of Halle Berry in a dress that looked a bit like Phantom Girl´s dress from the disco era. Well, while looking for the links I came upon this picture in the second part of the Super Fashion feature on the blog COMICS ALL TOO REAL which is supposed to be close to Dream Girl´s costume. I´m not so sure about the resemblance but I like it.

And speaking about new sections from my last post :


Like I said in my last post, in this new feature I´m going to post homages to famous comic covers and one of the most famous comic is ADVENTURE COMICS 247 where Superboy gets voted out for Legion membership.

Now this is such a big part of the pop culture subconciousness that everybody from other comic artists to casting shows like American Idol use it. And of course DC was the first to do it, seeing that they came up with it.

This one is a special favorite of mine because it features one of the greatest characters of all time to try out for Legion membership : Arm - Fall - Off Boy. Dude, I still hope Grant Morrison would write a oneshot with him with art by Frank Quitely. That would be like totally Airwolf !

But of course other comic companies also do their own riffs on it.

The next one is from one of the worst comics I ever had the misfortune to read through my brother´s comic collection.

Not only is it badly written and badly drawn, it´s totally derogative towards superheroes and the main character is so stupid that he quits one job where he doesn´t get paid and even goes so far to take on another job to keep the first one. And he hates the first one to begin with. And it´s not like there are other jobs out there than being a sidekick that pay better and where your life isn´t endangered. Dude, just get a regular job with a good salary that you don´t hate. What can I say ? Slackers.

This is a more classic recreation by Alex Ross for the Overstreet Guide.

And last but not least TEENAGERS FROM THE FUTURE, essays on the Legion of Super - Heroes from Sequart. A really good book and my recommendation for Today.

If you are a rabid Legion fan this book will help you remember why, if you are a Legion fan who has strayed from the homefront as I was when I read this book this will ignite your fire again. And if you are not a Legion fan you will be after reading this book.


Yes, it happened again. Today while doing the research for this post I came across a site that had a link to my blog in the blogroll that I was unaware of. As is my policy here I put up a permanent link to all blogs who have me on theirs - unless it´s about porn which would freak out some of my readers. The blog in question is MY COMICBOARD BANNERS AND MORE and I have already added it to the top of the blogroll. Not only can you find fine banners on the website but also pictures of cool stuff like this :

Another link I have to add is for COMICS RECOMMENDED which has recommendations for all comic books in alphabetical order and so also a list for the Legion of Super - Heroes that goes into detail over the GREAT DARKNESS SAGA and the new THE CURSE hardcover that follows it.

Man, it´s one of my big regrets that I didn´t buy the GREAT DARKNESS DELUXE EDITION when it was available from amazon dirt cheap. Anyway, if you want to read all there is to know pop open the links and enjoy your trip to the future. Oh, and credit where credit´s due I found the nice banner for Today´s post there. You can find the full sized picture here .

So that´s all I have time for today. Since I have to work tomorrow I´ll try to get more sleep and relax a bit for the rest of the day. And finish up on my e - mails first of all.

Next time we will talk about NEMI and I´m leaving you with one of the episodes of the Legion cartoon that I´m pretty sure I haven´t seen yet. In MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE Superman who has just built his Fortress of Solitude lands in the bottle city of Kandor - in the future.

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