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Reposted ( and longer ) Superman Saturday

Sometimes I get a bit carried away with my posts, because I keep adding to them and adding to them and all just because I´m too lazy to do a new post. The thing is I want to keep my blog a bit diverse so I want there to be at least four posts on the first page instead of the two that are now there. So here is the Superman stuff that has gotten really long reposted again. Mainly because it alliterates with Saturday.

I also put the Power Girl cosplay in here to put it higher in the blog. Gotta pimp the Power Girl cosplayers dude.


Like I promised in my last post here´s the second part of hommage pictures of Action Comics 1. The first one is one of Image´s Superman clones who was an interesting concept when Ed McGuiness was drawing him and they let him do the things DC was afraid to do with Superman. In this story they sadly destroyed everything to make him unique and even gave him a secret identity although there was no need for that.

I just don´t understand why some writers are so hellbent on forcing secret identities on characters even if it makes absolutely no sense. Like when Dan Jurgens gave Thor another unnecessary secret identity after Walter Simonson finally got rid of all the Donald Blake stuff. Oh the humanity.

Back to Image´s Superman clones the more successful one was Supreme especially once Alan Moore got his hands on him and did all the things they didn´t let him get away with at DC. Okay, there was one story that included the boring " guy travels backwards in time and becomes his own origin story " that has been already done to death and was extremely annoying when the Flash went back in time and caused his own origin. But you have to forgive this one blunder in an otherwise fabulous run.

And there´s even a wonderful homage cover to the first issue of Superman´s selftitled book by Jerry Ordway on issue 41 of Supreme.

Back to the homage covers of Action Comics 1.

Here´s Wonder Woman doing her version of the pose although it´s slightly changed in that she´s coming out of the water.

Another homage this time a variant cover by Dale Eaglesham for JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA which is rather clever since Damage is catching the car not lifting it. I don´t know if he could. It´s from issue 8 which is part of the brilliant THY KINGDOM COME storyline, one of THE best stories of the JSA and of Geoff Johns. I know he´s getting a lot of flack for the stuff he´s currently writing ( you know, reading this and FINAL CRISIS - LEGION OF THREE WORLDS it´s almost impossible to believe it´s the same guy who was one of the main architects of the NEW 52 train wreck ) but if you want to check him out in his prime read THY KINGDOM COME.

If you want to know more about the story you can read my post on it .

Here´s Spidey riffing on The Man of Tomorrows coat tails - or better cape tails. I find it interesting that Spider - Man´s strength never has been so much in the foreground like with Superman. I mean, he can easily throw around cars with his proportionate spiderstrength but you never see him do that. Mostly you see him going up against supervillains so it´s difficult to get a good grip on how powerful he really is. Which means that when he´s throwing around cars people are surprised.

And from one Todd McFarlane picture to another here´s Todd´s own creation fooling around with a car. I don´t have this issue in my collection because - I think - my last issue of the title was 200. And that was mostly because nothing was happening in the single issues and I got tired of waiting around for the big anniversary issues for stuff to happen. You know, that´s one of the things I liked with Marvel comics, that the really important stuff didn´t always happen in the issues 25, 50 or 100. And they took the anniversary issues to look back on the history or such.

Okay, not a lot I can say about this one since I never read any of the BUFFY comics except Joss Whedon´s FRAY. I´m a huge fan of Buffy and the Angel spin off series so I probably SHOULD be reading them since the tv series continue in comic form. Somehow never gotten around to it.

Maybe when I have watched the two seasons of ANGEL I have lying in my to watch pile. I got them at one of the " 2 seasons for 20 Euros " sales of amazon and mainly got them because of Charisma Carpenter who plays Cordelia and has some nice outfits in the second season.

This one is Walt Disney´s Super Goof - at least I think it is. In Germany he´s just called Supergoofy and all I remember from him is that he got his superpowers from eating some special peanuts. Kind of the first superhero doping case I got aware of. What a great example for the kids.

Here´s one with everyone´s favorite sailor from the new IDW series which I think ended with issue 12. At least that´s the last issue I saw of it at my online comicshop. I really can´t say if it was any good because I only got issues 6 and 12 which were drawn by Roger Langridge. I just love his stuff like the brilliant SNARKED mini series or his THOR - THE MIGHTY AVENGER of which - incidentially the complete trade is right now available at amazon Germany for a measly 12 bucks.

This is one from this year´s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY but I don´t think you´ll read about it in my posts about this year´s issues.

I have no idea from where this is. The name Nodwick sounds familiar but I´m just drawing a blank here.

The same here. The only thing I can say is that by the price tag it´s obviously a british publication. Maybe Terry Hooper can help me out.

Another unknown series. The art looks interesting though.

And with this last one - also from parts unkown - we come to the end of this new intallment of the hugely popular ( at least I hope it is ) DEJA VUE section. If you have any information about the unknown covers or have any homages to Action Comics 1 that I have missed please let me know.


Time to make a lot of my readers happy with another section about one of those incredibly talented and sexy cosplayers I never meet because I don´t go to comic conventions. Or rather the return of a very popular one. Some of my longtime readers may remember that I posted a picture of Power Girl cosplayer  lady_wolf_star with a link to some other pictures.

She´s my current number 1 of Power Girl cosplayers because she really knows how to fill out her costume ( especially the magical cleavage window !!! ) proving that such women DO exist in the real world.

Now apparently she has some new pages under the name of Vegas PG or it could be her sexy twin. Anyway here is her facebook page the photosteam with dozens of pictures and here´s a website with a few selected pictures . I also found an interview with her on J1studios .Here are a few pictures of her and let me tell you it was really difficult to get it down to five. I especially like her new costume design for Supergirl. Daym, girl !

And here we are back to Power Girl again with the classic pose. Perfect costume - like it´s supposed to look - and all I can say is : Brritzki.

This picture kind of reminds me of Alex Ross´ cover for JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA although the hair is a bit different.

This last one has more of an Amanda Conner vibe to it with the trademark Power Girl snark and her goods almost popping out.

So why are you still reading this ? Click on those links already, check out the plethora of hot or funny pics and like her on facebook.

And once again we´re at the end. I thought about adding more Power Girl stuff to the post but the goal is to make the posts shorter but more frequent. And I think it´s better to post Power Girl in small doses to prevent my more sensitive readers from getting massive nosebleeds.

So instead of taking time to get some much needed rest I just spent most of this day ( I also watched the three episodes of SUPERNATURAL I taped from last week ) after work at the laptop writing not one post but splitting one post into two and adding a lot of new material.

Yes, the burden of writing a blog and being a perfectionist. So I don´t know what my next post will be about. It could be about FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2013 which is a post I already prepared - or I could write about another of the few series at Marvel I´m still reading to get some kind of balance here. Judging from the last handful of posts a new reader might get the impression that the guy writing this stuff is some kind of diehard DC nut but it´s not that. The thing is after I mentioned ALL NEW X - MEN in my last post I ordered DAREDEVIL by Mark Waid volume 5 from amazon because it´s at 13 bucks right now. So that may be my next topic.

Since this post was in grand part about cosplaying I want to include this video that was brought to my attention by Terry Hooper from Comic Bits Online ( You DO know that his new blog is here , don´t you ? ) that just shows cosplaying at the highest level : JLA versus Avengers. Enjoy !

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