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JLA casting : wrestling and swimsuit edition

Since I posted a micro bikini video in my last post I thought that it´s only appropriate to continue my casting for the JLA movie with this part that includes micro bikini models par excellence Tylene Buck and LeAnna Scott.

Who would have thought that the number of posts of this series would grow so exponentionally when I started ? Here I have grouped together women who have wrestled or at least get paid for looking good in a swimsuit. The part with my three first candidates is rather short but therefore the part with Tylene Buck has become that much longer.

Jackie Gayda as Huntress ( Helena Bertinelli )

I have to say I don´t know much about Jackie Gayda although I´m a wrestling fan. But here in Germany they don´t show much of the female wrestler so she owes her role to her outstanding bikini photos.

Candice Michelle as Catwoman ( Selina Kyle )

Candice on the other hand is a wrestling diva about whom I know more which isn´t surprising since she´s the worldfamous Go Daddy girl.

She´s done erotic movies, she´s a tough fighter and men around her start drooling. And we know that all wrestlers are born actors.

And she even once wore a Catwoman costume for Halloween that looked a lot like the Catwoman costume from the terrible Halle Berry movie.

Linda ONeal as Zatanna

Another favorite swimsuit model and I have been thinking about casting her as Zatanna ever since I saw the first picture of her with the highhat. 

She has played small roles in sitcoms like UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER but if you really want to see her at her hottest you absolutely have to watch her IRONMAN SWIMSUIT SPECTACULAR appearances - on DVDs 4 and 5.

Or one of the various Playboy movies in which she appeared. I´m not sure if she ever was a playmate of the month but she´s in a lot of the movies.

Tylene Buck as Ice ( Tora Olafsdotter )

Another sexbomb from the SEARCH FOR POWER GIRL series is wrestling star / swimsuit model Tylene Buck Hesemann a.k.a. Brandi Wylde. What is kind of funny is that the name she used for doing adult movies, Brandi Wylde sounds less like a porn name than Major Gunns or Tylene Buck.

She´s one of the most used massitas on my banners and not only because her name rhymes with s - word and f - word ..... you know what I mean.

As Major Gunns ( originally they wanted to call Tylene´s character Torpedo Girl ) she made all wrestling fans happy when she was giving mouth to mouth, ripping her shirt off with her signature " bombs away " move or wearing a bikini. But her breast ... I mean best moments were in

the IRON MAN swimsuit videos ( she´s on volumes 3, 4 and 5 ) when she modeled supertiny microbikinis or released her big 36DD guns.

And the IRON MAN swimsuit videos are real swimsuit videos. Not making of like the ones the WWE peddles. I remember one of the videos had her,

Linda ONeal ( our Zatanna in this part ), supermodel Cori Nadine and

LeAnna Scott ( because of her 5'4'' height and her incredible 36DD - 22 - 33 measurements her bust looks super huge compared to her slim body ).

Christina Mai, aka Le Anna Scott is a bikini model from Saigon, Vietnam.

Part of her popularity was due to her strikingly exotic good looks and her fit body, but her popularity really blew up when it was found that she had done several hardcore videos in her early years. In fact, LeAnna Scott was one of the first “ glamour ” models in the internet age to be exposed as having recorded a hardcore porn video. It was thought that LeAnna had done 2 hardcore scenes, but she had in fact done a lot more than that.

After LeAnna Scott’s hardcore stint she transitioned into modeling for big sites such as Playboy, Mac & Bumble, Blue Nudes, and Mystique, as well as appearing on model sites belonging to Shae Marks, Sung Hi Lee and Alley Baggett. LeAnna also did various Ironman swimsuit videos as well.

In 2004, she did a nude set from Blue Nudes which also featured Alley Baggett. It was one of her last nude photosets. Afterwards, LeAnna converted to her real name of Christina Mai and has only sought to do mainly non - nude modeling. The good news is that she is still hot !

LeAnna’s favorite quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “ Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. ”

The video also featured April Hunter - a NWO babe like Tylene - and it had a warning at the beginning that it was dangerous for the faint of heart.

Because not only did it have one of the best and bustiest selection of swimsuit models ever their bikinis were so skimpy they were almost naked. One of the best IRONMAN Swimsuit Spectaculars I have ever seen.

Now some people might say that Tylene Buck is not a good fit for the Justice League Europe´s Ice since her character is most often written as shy and the goody goody one but she has become more confident lately. Although with the NEW 52 you never know. Anyway, who says the nice girl can´t look like a playmate ? Blue and white are definitely Tylene´s colors.

I was looking for something more to add about Tylene Buck - like the brief biography of Leanna Scott - but most of the bios you can find online say basically the same. There are also some interviews I found but because they mostly covered her work in the adult movie industry I couldn´t post them. For any interested parties I want to mention that Tylene Buck enjoys doing it with other women and describes herself as a bi - sexual.

The interviews I CAN post are about her wrestling career and even if they are a bit old they have lots of interesting information. There is one on CRIMSONMASK ( no author given ) and one on WRESTLING EYE MAGAZINE by Mike Parker in two parts . As for pictures I think you find the best ones here but there are much more on the internet - especially the NSFW ones.

Since most of this post is about Tylene Buck the first three videos are from her Major Gunns days. The first two are with Team Canada and really showcase her incredible bust - plus she´s all wet and sweaty in the second one - and the last one is from the sexy IRONMAN SWIMSUIT SPECTACULAR.

I only found two clips with other women from the IRONMAN Swimsuit Spectacular videos I mentioned in this post : the one with LeAnna Scott which I posted above and the one with Cori Nadine. I haven´t written much about her because I can´t post most of her photos anyway and you don´t have to explain her to a guy. Or at least you shouldn´t have to.

Now I didn´t find a clip of Tylene Buck doing her " bombs away " move but this video of busty Candy getting all shook up may be the next best thing.

Here´s another video about a hot girl eating a banana, this time it´s a tutorial by Kristi Thinks. I haven´t posted anything with her in a while.

Because I ran out of Justice League videos to post and there aren´t any good ones with Zatanna or Ice here´s one of the things you come across while doing these kind of posts that you wouldn´t find otherwise in a million years : SUPER PRESIDENT. I didn´t even know this existed.

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