Friday, May 26, 2017

Best butt in showbiz birthday with Janet !

Just when I had finally given up all hope to do a post in honor of my all time favorite sexbomb Janet " Booty " Jackson ( a nickname she got from her dancers - she got less nice ones from her brothers as we will come to in a moment ) I come across enough material to warrant doing a new post.

At the beginning of each month I go through the posting of the month from previous years to see which comic related birthdays I have already covered, from which ones I still have some material left and where I had to cut the posting short or have other reasons to continue where I left off.

Of course I also check the previous cult siren posts to see which ones I already did and which ones I only thought I did but actually didn´t ( which happens more often then you think ), which ones I should have added to the blog already, which ones I will only mention because I do not have enough material to do a full blown post and where I want to make a re - post because a. ) it´s one of my favorites, b. ) I wasn´t satisfied with the last version I did and want to tweak it a bit or c. ) I have found some new material or there is new stuff I want to comment on which I fell has to be added to the old post. So I checked the Janet Jackson´s birthday posts I had done so far and after going through my files I decided that I would not do another re - post since there was really nothing new or important to add. If you have followed my blog you have seen that I mentioned her briefly in the last post and just put a link for Janet´s post from last year.

And with that I had everything covered. Or so I thought. Of course things didn´t turn out as planned. Because - as always - when I was putting all the material I had come across in the respective folders ( so I can find it again when I need it, a process that can take up a few days ) I found a lot of new animated GIFs of Janet Jackson´s Pleasure Principle music video. 

Now one of the reasons why I try to avoid doing re - posts ( which some readers might not believe because there is quite a number of them every year ) is that I always want to put something new on the blog. I don´t like it when they change things in comic books just to change things without having a good story or - what´s worse - if it doesn´t make any sense. It happens a lot in comics right now especially what used to be Marvel and while I started reading american comics during one of the periods with the most change at least they stayed true to the characters and we got a good story out of it. Some of the stories from that time - as well as some of the new heroes that were introduced - are still some of my favorites.

And speaking of favorites, this brings us right back to bootylicious Janet Jackson. In my opinion she got the best body in showbiz, especially her incredibly round derriere is a wonder to behold and could easily go head to head ( or butt to butt ) with the likes of Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez.

Sadly, Janet doesn´t seem to think so which has to do with the fact that she has had problems with her body image since an early age. Her body developed very early and she was teased for her round butt by her brother Michael gave her the nickname " dunk " because he thought she looked like a donkey and that was one of the nicer names her brothers called her.

They also called her cow, pig, horse or slaughter - hog. Now as one can imagine that didn´t really help Janet to like her booty so you don´t see her backside in most of her videos. There is a quick glance at her tight jeans from behind in the Black Cat video but one of the few where you can enjoy seeing her lower back in action is The Pleasure Principle.

And coming back to the question of putting something new on the blog most of my posts around Janet Jackson have centered around her boobs.

It has also been three years since I did my last BIG CULO DAY post and so I have decided to slap two butts with one stroke. So this post is kind of a late homage to all those - as QUEEN so eloquently said it - fat bottomed girls that make the rocking world go round but especially Janet Jackson.

Maybe other bloggers out there will also use the opportunity to let Janet know that there´s nothing wrong with her body. Hell, most men would do anything to get lucky with her and especially get their hands on her butt.

But no matter how we might see her Janet had difficulties with realizing her a status as an international sex icon and role model for women and I was surprised when I found out she had body issue problems since she was ten when her booming body caught the attention of others :

I was actually doing GOOD TIMES, and on our first day of shooting they bound my chest because they thought my breasts were too big. I got the part when I was 10, we started shooting when I was 11 - I was developing early. It made me feel that the way that I am, it’s not good enough.

As Janet recounted in an interview with TODAYBefore production began, I was told two things : I was fat and needed to slim down, and because I was beginning to develop, I needed to bind my breasts. In both cases the message was devastating - my body was wrong. The message was also clear - to be successful, I had to change the way I looked.

I didn’t even know what it meant to “ bind my breasts. ” At first I was frightened. Were they talking about some kind of operation ? For a girl so young, this was confusing. Naturally, I kept the confusion to myself.

“ It means we need to tie down your breasts so you appear flat - chested, ” the wardrobe woman explained. Each day of shooting I went through the ordeal of having wide strips of gauze tied across my chest to hide the natural shape of my breasts. It was uncomfortable and humiliating. I did literally bang my head against the wall because I didn´t feel attractive .

So while all the guys tried to tap her ass Janet probably thought they were trying to punk her or play a cruel joke on her which must have led to a lot of frustration and blue balls. Coming back - no pun intended - to the few music videos where we got to see Janet´s bum it is just epic in the All Night ( Don´t Stop ) video. The video was ahead of its time for at least a decade and it just that Janet is just oozing sex appeal because she is at her sexiest despite being almost fully clothed except for her exposed mid section. I remember that I had to stay up after midnight to tape the uncensored version with the vcr because they had done a censored version after the superbowl incident which was shown through the day.

wrong message

at first I thought the first word was " campus " I started to see all kind of messages from " campus sextoy " to " campus slut " and " campus sucki ". I was totally disappointed when I finally went through the video frame by frame and found out it says " computers suck " I was very disappointed  

but if you have seen her ultra raunchy live performance of her hit ALL NIGHT ( DON´T STOP ) at Jay Leno where she had one of her best almost wardrobe malfunctions EVER you know it´s true.

During that performance Janet had some problems with keeping her pants on as it seems that she miscalculated the weight of the cable box thingie.

Janet was already wearing her jeans way low but the added weight of it plus the chains she put on were pulling her pants down showing lots of butt cleavage ! Also her constant grinding and hip shaking didn´t help much either. But Janet was a real trooper and kept going even if the audience got to see more naked butt than she initially intended to show.

Throughout the entire performance she kept pulling up her jeans to cover up her juicy cheeks and at the end she almost managed to get it under control but at the beginning you can see that she really has no reason to be ashamed in that department. She didn´t completely loose her pants - sigh - but it slid waay down to give a good view of her almost uncovered bubble butt and you even could see her bum cleft for short periods.

and you can find more GIFs from this performance in this post and

You could also get a good look at her firm, round buttocks during the season finale of American Idol where she performed a medley of Again, Nothing and Nasty. Not to mention Janet´s impressive XXL milkshakes.

in Jermaine Dupri´s Gotta Getcha where she plays a busty stripper dressed up as a school girl / teacher which was too steamy for german music tv.

and although Janet´s skimpy outfits may be a thing of the past now that she has married again and

Now that´s what I call casting at it´s best because Janet was just born for that role. Not only is she predestined to play a stripper since she has the best bod in showbiz she has some incredible stripper moves that make real striptease pros envious. Okay, I don´t know if the script said explicitly " busty stripper " but with her huge melons it´s the only kind of stripper Janet can believably portray.

I have to say I´m not sure how I feel about the fact that originally Janet was supposed to play a nymphomanic dominatrix but they skipped that because it would hit too close to home. Say what ? So Janet is a nymphomanic dominatrix in the privacy of her own bedroom ? Man, If the teachers on our school would have looked like that I never would have skipped classes. I would even have gone to detention if Janet was the supervisor. I really wouldn´t mind getting a long oral exam from her !

I always knew that Janet was a sex freak ( Janet admitted to joining the Mile High Club and is a well known size queen ) and although the rumors that Bobby Brown banged her in the 80s might not be true it is much more believable that she used Justin Timberlake as her sextoy and dumped him after a month of steamy sex marathons . According to Justin it took Janet an hour to get in my pants after we first hooked up and she was so wild in bed that I didn´t know how to handle it. I was falling in love with Miss Jackson but during our get - togethers she only wanted sex.  

speaking of blow up sex dolls longtime readers may remember that I Janet Jackson was in a few of my CASTING THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA MOVIE posts, first as Green Lantern Soranik Natu in a solo post , then as Dawn in my second alternates post and finally in my latest alternates post as the nymphomanic french teacher Dominique Deepthroat from the JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE issue where the team had to take french lessons. That way I had Darlene Silva as Dawn and Halle Berry as Katma Tui ( although she would get a very special Green Lantern uniform to show off her breast assets ) and I just have to keep Halle in my movie cast.

On top of that I can also have Beyonce and Mariah Carey.

Speaking of casting calls for comic books there is another comic movie adaption for which Janet would be perfect, Kevin J. Taylor´s The Girl

And because it´s an adult title Janet can even use her stripper moves.

Also since it´s not very realistic to have just one girl in a strip club I could cast Halle Berry again who has already shown that she has the necessary skills for the strip scenes.

Although now that I think of it she may be better suited to play Marty who is not a stripper. Doesn´t she own a record store or something ? 

Which would mean that we would not get any striptease scenes with Halle Berry but there would be enough nude / sex scenes to make up for that.

I don´t know how far Halle would go to bring the extremely explicit sex scenes with the orally fixated nymphomaniac Marty to the big screen but she has shown she can push the boundaries and get down to business.

As a director who takes his job seriously I insist on rehearsing all explicit scenes with Halle Berry just to assure the integrity of the movie

Naturally every strip club needs an asian sexbomb and I would cast cosplay queen Yaya Han whose body was made for these kind of roles. Which is not some kind of racial stereotype about asian women being genetically engineered to be perfect blow up sex dolls for men through centuries of prostitution, just stating the fact that she gave herself porn implants.

I don´t know how good her abilities as a stripper are but we all know that she has the necessary bust to fill out the role with her giant 40D oppai.

And there just has to be a way how we can get Yaya Han to wear the same outfit as Akira Lane below. Can you imagine Yaya Han´s king sized XXL breasts with the areolas of the nipples being totally visible in that mesh shirt and her naked butt only covered by a tiny string of dental floss ?

I bet sexbomb Yaya Han really knows how to work it - or twerk it ! 

anyway, back to the reason for doing this post I wanted to pay homage to Janet but also post something new and like I said I already had passed on doing a re - post of last year´s post when I came upon a lot of animated GIFs from an old video of Janet the new generations out there may not be aware of it but Janet Jackson has one of the best dance videos of all time

but not only does Janet show off her incredible dancing skills like when she does the splits

no we also get to see her incredible booty in tight pants even then she could not hide the awesome buttocks

originally I just wanted to post the GIFs where you can see Janet´s basst side but since I didn´t want to do the usual completely oversexed post - and I really found a lot of these GIFs - I decided to post the best animated GIFs from Janet Jackson´s Pleasure Principle video. I also checked the internet and I couldn´t find any other website that has a similar post. Since I found these GIFs on all kind of websites I may be excused for not including any links for these

since I am posting all the GIFs I have tried to put them in the proper order but there may be a few snafus anyway here is Janet in one of her best performances ever and if you haven´t yet - or have not done so in a long time - check out the original video it´s really worth it


the video


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