Sunday, March 26, 2017

It´s Star Trek Sunday with Leonard Nimoy !

Well initially I wanted to make a post for Brian Bolland´s 66th birthday but when I went through the birthday list I saw that Today would also have been Leonard Nimoy´s 86th birthday I quickly changed my post plans.

Ever since I did the research for Jame Doohan´s anniversary I wanted to put more covers from DC´s STAR TREK comics on the blog so I couldn´t let this opportunity slip by. And let me tell you it was much easier to find covers with Spock than with Scottie. Anyway, I have also included some covers from other series and after going through the covers again I got a real hankering to read some of these comics. Maybe I can find some in the comics per pound section in the Sammlerecke the next time I make a visit. I think there are a few of these available in trade but not all of them. I do hope they are easy to find as there is not a high demand for them now.

I know that as you grow older the pop culture icons from your youth are starting to fade away and that´s just a part of life but that doesn´t make it easier. Especially when it seems like the stars from my generation are the biggest ones and they don´t make them like that anymore. I guess they DID break the mold like they used to say. Live long and prosper.

There is a long list of celebrity birthdays Today but I picked just a few where I actually have a video or at least something to write. There are a few where I thought I had something but either it was deleted from YouTube or I already posted it. Sorry, maybe I´ll get to you next year.

So Today´s rather short list starts with model, tv host and actress ( or like wikipedia says sometime actress whatever that´s supposed to mean, I think either you have been in a movie then you are an actress or you have not then you are not, they are trying to make it sound like she´s not serious but there are at least a dozen of other actors or actresses that would fall into that category and I never saw a sometime actor in their wikipedia entry ) Sarah Jean Underwood who celebrates her 33rd birthday. The former Hooters waitress was PLAYBOY´s Playmate Of The Month in July 2006 and Playmate Of The Year in 2007 and she was one of the hosts on Attack Of The Show which I only know from the internet.

I already posted all the Bustice & Power Girl clips and her naked yoga video is obviously NSFW but then I remembered this short interview.

As I have already mentioned in the post intro Brian Bolland turns 66 Today and I have already selected all the necessary material for a post. But even though Today´s post is not a superhero post it is kind of DC - centric even if it´s about Star Trek. So the next thing on the blog will be something from Marvel or another comic company or even another cult siren post.

The same goes for a comic book artist from my patria, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez who celebrates his 69th birthday. Only in his case you will probably have to wait a bit longer because with Brian Bolland I at least have a separate folder where all his stuff is. Sadly I never made one for Jose Luis so I first have to go through all my files to gather up everything I need.

Now as some may know for decades Jose Luis Garcia Lopez did the art for the DC bible which was a catalogue with drawings of how each character was supposed to look and the artists had to follow these guidelines. Ah, if only they had something like that now. Anyway, that catalogue was very coveted among artists and I read somewhere that a few of the artists only began working for DC to get one of these. These character designs were also taken as the basis for The Super Powers Team : Galactic Guardians cartoon which was a bit more mature than previous incarnations of the Super Friends. One of the episodes that went into that direction was The Fear in which Batman´s origin was told. Sadly there is not a lot of the Super Friends cartoons on YouTube but I found the most important part of the episode although it´s with the latino dubbing. Anderle, mis amigos.

Diana Ross turns 73 and like Sarah Jean Underwood she was in PLAYBOY various times but sadly not in a pictorial and much rather in the news.

Now James Caan on the other hand who celebrates his 77th birthday not only was mentioned in PLAYBOY magazine he also lived at Playboy Mansion for a while after a divorce dispute has left him homeless. Apparently his physicist thought it would be therapeutic and my question is where do you find a doctor like this ? James Cann has had a few ups and downs in his acting career - for example he turned down the role of Han Solo - but he has been in so many movies I enjoyed like El Dorado, The Godfather, Rollerball, The Killer Elite or Misery and tv series like Las Vegas and Hawaii Five - O that I wasn´t sure which one I should pick. Then I remembered that he also was in one of my favorite science fiction flicks, Alien Nation .

Now my mother is a big crime show fan so I have seen my fair amount of Criminal Minds where Mandy Patinkin played the boss of the B.A.U. in the first seasons and every time when I think about where else I have seen him I remember The Princess Bride where he played Indigo Montoya but I always forget Alien Nation. Speaking about aliens, two days ago we had Lara Flynn Boyle´s birthday and what I find totally bizarro is that she is on every The Ten Hottest Movie Aliens list while probably nobody knows whom I´m talking about when I mention Leslie Bevins. Sorry, wanna - be movie expßerts but I´ll take the hot sexbomb from Alien Nation over the cold sterile Serleena with her drowned corpse look any day of the week.

Today´s post has a big science fiction vibe to it : Leonard Nimoy was in one of the biggest science fiction tv shows in the world, James Caan was in more than one sci fi movie and even Brian Bolland and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez drew comics that delved into that genre like Camelot 3000 and Superman. So I want to end this post with a tribute to the late Barry Letts one of the producers and directors on Doctor Who for decades.

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